threeeyedmouse Resurges Onto the Scene With the Cosmic “KALE”

    Although music videos can sometimes appear to be a lost art, this is certainly not the case for Maryland-based rapper and producer threeeyedmouse, who has released the music video for his latest single, “KALE.”

    The music video captures the song’s essence in a visually captivating way. These visuals follow threeeyedmouse as he rides the Greenline Train in DC. Throughout the visuals, threeeyedmouse raps about meeting a special someone on the Greenline that gives him a euphoric feeling. His energy is infectious throughout the video as he passionately performs his verses with an authentic flair. The video’s editing is on point, and the cuts between shots and angles add to the overall cinematic feel of the visuals.

    threeeyedmouse "KALE"

    When speaking with threeeyedmouse on how the song and video came together, he said: “For me, “KALE” is one of my most powerful songs. The idea came together one day while riding one of the new metro trains in DC. I got nostalgic thinking about how there would always be different conductors on each line with unique voices and personalities when I was younger, making the metro rides unique.” This experience can be noted in the different vocal tones used for the hook as opposed to the tone used to deliver his verse.

    threeeyedmouse continues, “I got a little sad thinking about how everything is automated now, and as a society, we’re collectively trading out uniqueness for efficiency. On “KALE,” I used that same idea. I applied it to a metaphorical relationship falling apart because one person blinded by nostalgia is stuck in their regressive, toxic ways. At the same time, the other wants to move on to something greater for themselves and is being held back by the relationship.” The efficiency he mentions can be heard throughout the video as an automated voice orders passengers to stay away from the doors as they open and close.

    threeeyedmouse’s music video for “KALE” beautifully represents his creativity and talent as an artist. With its captivating visuals and authentic delivery, it’s clear that threeeyedmouse is a rising artist to keep an eye on. The video reminds us that there is still room for creativity and self-expression, even in our automated world. It’s a perfect reminder that while technology and efficiency may make our lives easier, we must not forget the value of uniqueness and individuality.


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