THREEZERO Sings of Betrayal and Vulnerability in “wyd?”

    Welcome to the world of THREEZERO, the brainchild of talented musician Nate Russell. Hailing from the Midwestern city of Chicago, this 24-year-old artist has created a unique blend of groove-forward beats and soulful vocals that effortlessly bridge the musical influences of Jai Paul, Mac Miller, and James Blake.

    Growing up in the Midwest, he discovered his passion for music at 11 when he first picked up the violin. During those early years, his love and appreciation for classical music blossomed. As he ventured into high school, THREEZERO’s musical aspirations began to take shape, culminating in the birth of his solo project—THREEZERO.

    His most recent drop, titled “wyd?” embodies a complex reflection on the relationships and connections that have shaped his life. The song is a poignant expression of his emotions, where he grapples with feelings of betrayal and hurt. “I had this difficult mix of emotions from feeling betrayed and hurt but also having so much love and respect for folks who weren’t showing up for me when I needed it most,” he shared about the song. Upon sharing the track with a friend, THREEZERO was pleasantly surprised when they described it as “generous,” inadvertently revealing his desire to impart a sense of generosity through his music.

    THREEZERO’s unique blend of captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and infectious production is a testament to his undeniable talent and artistic vision on “wyd?” With a musical journey that seamlessly merges his classical background with his experience in writing spoken word poetry, his dedication to creating music that resonates deeply is evident as he continues to evolve and explore new sonic landscapes.

    Listen to “wyd?” below.


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