TIMMY! Finds Solace on ‘LNF’

    Melodic/trapsoul R&B artist TIMMY! is making is a name for himself in the R&B community. His harmonic, melodic, hazy reverb, and charismatic delivery is what really makes his sound stand out in R&B. From beat selection down to his contagious hooks, his music is universal and it’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Influences come from his past and present personal experiences. 

    His latest visual offering LNF manages to display his sound perfectly. The eye-catching visuals showcase his on-camera presence in a way that makes for a unique experience. When TIMMY! pushes his voice into upper registers, he instantly catches your attention. The atmospheric and funk-inspired instrumental acts as a polar opposite to the dreary lovestruck vocals. TIMMY!’s vocal range, personality, and hook writing all come together to create something truly undeniable. Check out the new video down below.


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