North Carolina’s Tino Szn Proves He’s Here To Stay With His New Project “Sentient”

    With "Sentient," Tino SZN Proves He's Ready for the Spotlight.

    North Carolina native Tino Szn is as hungry as they come. He is a rising artist of obvious talent, a vibration of personality resonating with all his efforts. Having been making significant waves with his mastery of crafting catchy hits that bring a unique sound that’s all his, he seems to get better with each new release. Over the last year, he has given us countless hits, including his single “Vice” with $NOT and his “Pegasus Kid 3” project. Now, he is back with his new full-length project, “Sentient.”

    At 15-tracks in length with a runtime of 40-minutes, “Sentient” is Tino’s most eclectic and exciting work to date. The project follows last year’s full-length offering “4 seasons,” and now, he proves he’s ready for the spotlight. “Sentient” is an experience that takes the listener through many different sounds and styles, all very well-represented by the artist. Each track on the body of work feels like it gives off its unique experience and highlights Tino’s versatility. Most of the project is carried by Tino’s high energy and witty bars, and they’re even quotable in the right situations. Tracks like “Right Here,” “Communicate,” and “Rick Owens Sweater” do an excellent job showcasing a different side of Tino’s sound. Throughout the project, it’s evident that the North Carolina-bred artist has the complete package — a dedicated aesthetic, melodic sound, and vivid songwriting. While listening to “Sentient,” you hear the aforementioned qualities.

    Tino Szn fits in with the new wave of music trending, and his swagger will propel him to greater heights. The confidence he displays on “Sentient” makes you want to tune in and stay tuned in. The lifestyle rap that he conveys to us is what draws in his audience and keeps them hooked. An alluring lifestyle illustrated to us on trap beats is what we live for.

    Listen to “Sentient” below.


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