Tiny Jag’s ‘Dead Wrong’ Teases a Talented Artist Trying Something Genuinely New

    Detroit-based artist Tiny Jag’s newest single ‘Dead Wrong‘ is an excellent contribution to the evolving alternative R&B, hip-hop, and pop soundscape. Going above and beyond the bounds of just hip-hop, Tiny Jag encompasses a variety of genres including ethereal pop and emo-rap making for such a unique listen.

    With a futuristic sound, Kaleb The Intern’s production definitely stands out here. Tiny Jag manages to mix alternative R&B with elements of pop sounds and also this futuristic and robotic feeling. Her voice is extremely infectious and addicting, it doesn’t get you bored once. It’s futuristic, it’s funky, it’s catchy, and it’s littered with confidence. Check out the new single down below.


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