torr Creates a Whirlwind of Emotions on His Captivating Debut EP ‘eel’

    New York-based torr is an artist with a wide-ranging ability to craft sonic masterpieces. With several breakthrough tracks, such as 2020’s “NPC” and “dammit,” the young artist has already begun his inevitable rise. After much anticipation, his debut EP ‘eel‘ arrives as a poignant 5-track bout of self-expression. “The EP is definitely a product of the quarantine,” he said to us via email. “I think I started the first song in November of 2020. By a certain point in around February or March, I realized all these songs I was making were more connected than I thought so I decided to make an EP and it came together naturally,” he added.

    character select” marks the opening moments of this sonic exploration as torr’s lyrical abilities are on full display. Bringing forward a massive range of emotion and musical styles, torr delivered on his vision of taking his pop sound and crafting a project that can be relatable to listeners in their own way. Tracks like “acetone” and “guardown” showcase torr’s unique production side in a way that makes for a compelling listen. “I didn’t want to abandon my producer roots so I definitely included a fair share of weird sound design and electronic music moments,” he said about the EP. Throughout the 13-minute offering, torr made sure to put forward his raw artistry and show the world he is capable of crafting beautiful projects with a clear vision.

    With an unparalleled level of artistry and a knack for creating elaborate genre blends, the future is glowing for the 22-year-old songwriter and all-around artist. ‘eel‘ is one of those projects that help artists reach a new level, so with this, let the legacy of torr truly begin. “I hope listeners can find something they can connect with in a deeply personal way but overall, I would hope people take away that they’re not alone,” torr concluded. Check out the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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