Baltimore Rapper Toyomansi Cuts Across Genre to Shed Light on Bipolar Disorder With New Album ‘No More Sorry’

    Toyomansi is a Baltimore-Based musician characterized by his genre-diverse music production, lyrical range, and a tendency towards candid songwriting. Not boxing himself in, Toyomansi songs aren’t afraid to explore genre or subject. His sound draws strongly from punk, rap, and electronic influences. Finding unorthodox samples and techniques, the bulk of his work is created from scratch.

    Toyomansi’s new album No More Sorry is a 12-track experimental album culminating his experience of being Filipino in Baltimore City. The album weaves psychedelic music production with politically charged lyrics, while still leaving room for tracks that embrace tenderness. The production on the album creates a sonic landscape that pulls you into a vulnerable state, asking you to experience the music on a more personal level. In its entirety, No More Sorry is a story of learning to empower yourself while battling marginalization and mental illness at face value. Stream the new album down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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