Traudi Lacunza Puts His Full Artistry on Display With New EP “Y Después Me Enamoré”

    Following the release of his last single, “Jealous,” Traudi Lacunza continues to build on the single’s success as he shares his new 3-song EP Y Después Me Enamoré, which translates to “And then I fell in love.” This eagerly awaited release solidifies Lacunza’s rising status and provides a delightful glimpse into the deep emotions and captivating experiences that await within the rich tapestry of his musical journey.

    “The intro to the EP was the first song I ever recorded in Miami when I came down to visit before moving, and it was the most free I had felt in a very long time,” Lacunza shared. This initial track captures a sense of liberation and represents the newfound freedom Lacunza discovered during his time in Miami. Through the EP, Lacunza hopes to convey a range of emotions and trials, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level with his music.

    However, the release of Y Después Me Enamoré was not without its challenges. Lacunza originally intended to release the EP last year but realized that he needed more time to prepare. As he reflects on this delay, Lacunza acknowledges that sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and divine plans unfold. “Pero estamos aquí ahora” (But we are here now), he says, demonstrating his resilience and determination to bring his music to the world.

    For Traudi Lacunza, these three songs mark the end of his introduction as an artist, symbolizing a transformative period in his life. Through creating this EP, Lacunza found healing and discovered himself again after years of searching. Each song carries a unique significance and showcases the emotional depth, and growth Traudi Lacunza experienced during this chapter of his musical journey.

    Listen to the new EP below.


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