Traudi Lacunza Reintroduces Himself with New Single “Jealous”

    In the vast and diverse world of music, artists often draw inspiration from various genres and cultures. Traudi Lacunza, a talented Peruvian immigrant hailing from North Jersey, is no exception. Lacunza’s unique production style and sound incorporate elements of R&B, Soul, Latin Music, Hip-Hop, and more, resulting in a truly captivating experience.

    In 2020, Traudi Lacunza unveiled his debut 10-track production album, seven seventy-seven. Under his producer alias, Kunza, Lacunza showcased his versatility and passion for blending different musical styles. This captivating album served as an introduction to Lacunza’s talent and laid the foundation for his artistic growth and future endeavors.

    Building upon the success of seven seventy-seven, Traudi Lacunza embarked on a new chapter in his musical career. Three years after his debut album, he released his first official 4-song EP, EYZDNT (Eyez Don’t). Coinciding with this release, Lacunza made a life-changing decision – he boarded a one-way flight to Miami on January 27th. The EP not only showcased Lacunza’s artistic evolution but also marked a significant milestone in his personal life.

    Four months after his relocation to Miami, Traudi Lacunza unveiled his first single, “Jealous.” This track not only set the tone for his evolving sound but also reflected his experiences and emotions during this transitional phase. Lacunza recalls the creation of “Jealous” as a serendipitous moment, as the melody and lyrics came to him effortlessly while walking down a flight of stairs. By combining elements of Jersey Club and R&B, Lacunza paid homage to his Jersey roots while embracing his newfound Miami environment.

    From his debut production project, seven seventy-seven to his recent single “Jealous,” Traudi Lacunza’s evolution showcases his ability to adapt and thrive in new environments while remaining true to his roots. 

    Listen to “Jealous” below: 


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