Trayce Chapman Finds Clarity in Stunning New Album ‘Contraband 3’

    Trayce Chapman’s newly released album ‘Contraband 3’ makes a solid appearance to follow ‘Contraband 2,’ released in 2017. Having always had a hand in his creative direction and eye-catching visuals, all the elements which make up ‘Contraband 3’ further prove Trayce Chapman’s moment is here. The sixteenth track project consists of his recent releases ‘The Winds’ and ‘NASA.’

    Through the animated graphics and cartoon-inspired vision, ‘Contraband 3’ is not only an album but a narrated series of Trayce’s life. Personal tracks like ‘Olive Street’ see the rapper open up about personal moments. “Olive Street is the story of my teenage years and the dangers that came with living on the street we did,’ he shared about the record. “Mentions of my close friends Dominique and Brett in the hook felt like a tribute to them for being my partners through the madness. What a time,” he added.

    Trayce takes his listeners on a ride throughout the album. His high energy bleeds through the speakers on tracks like ‘Me vs. Myself,’ while acoustic guitars and melodic beats help close out the album on ‘Flights to Atlanta’ and ‘Tread.’ Continuing to build an even bigger name for himself in the Mile High City, Trayce Chapman has already kicked the year off with a show performance in Los Angeles and Denver, including opening up for Wale.

    Check out ‘Contraband 3’ below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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