Chicago’s Tri Nohbi Delivers a Captivating Listening Experience with His Latest Album

    Tri Nohbi, a talented singer from Chicago, continues to catch the attention of many with his exceptional vocal abilities surpassing many other contemporary singers. Nohbi is fearless in exploring and experimenting with different types of instrumentation, which is evident in his latest album, “I Thought We Were Having Fun.” His unique style of transforming his voice to suit different styles of music is one of the key factors that set him apart from the rest.

    The album, consisting of ten tracks, showcases Nohbi’s infectious prowess as a musician. Throughout the 27-minute listen, Nohbi displays his prowess as a musician, offering a sonic feast that will tantalize your senses with every listen. With each song, he delivers a fresh, engaging performance that appeals to every auditory tastebud. His ability to blend different genres, infusing his signature style and making every track stand out, is a testament to his versatility and range as a singer.

    One of the most remarkable things about this body of work is how it connects with the listeners on an emotional level. His voice’s sheer power, authenticity, and poignant lyrics create a truly captivating listening experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. The lyrics are raw and relatable and coupled with his voice, they create a powerful listening experience.

    Listen to “I Thought We Were Having Fun” below.


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