Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs: An Interview With Soul Endeavor

    “When I see people wearing my clothes, I’m not only excited to see them style their pieces, but I’m excited to see them understand the purpose.”

    We all choose to live our lives in the midst of danger—truthfully we have no choice but that doesn’t stop some of us from getting our goals accomplished. The endeavors that one faces within their life are examples of the trials and tribulations we endure with the field of our choosing. No matter the career, no matter the time, these obstacles arise and it is solely on you whether you can overcome them or not. As gloomy as this picture is being painted, it’s actually a good thing. When one can conquer the endeavors that they face it’s almost like learning a new trick, and once one is perfected the opportunity to learn another arrives. And without looking too far, we’ve found the exact creative who embodies this mentality every day they’re put to work.

    Haris, also known as h47is, is a 20-year-old fashion designer & the mastermind behind his clothing brand Soul Endeavor—in the wake of his last collection Haris returns to the 2021 public sphere with a new collection of clothes—this time offering a plethora of different items for his supporters. This is not Haris’ first experience with releasing clothes and uses the experiences with Soul Endeavor not only to grow as a creative but as a human being in this dispirited world. Further solidifying the definition of Soul Endeavor while also creating a bridge towards the new work to follow in the near future. Before his collection officially released I sat down with Haris for a while to discuss the meanings behind Soul Endeavor and what he expects of his brand in the near future. You can read below while also viewing some pictures of this new collection.

    Who are you?

    I’m Haris. I’m 19 years old and I’ll be 20 on the 18th of April. I started making clothes when I was 14 just for my friends and me, but a few years ago I started taking my work seriously and eventually created my current brand. I’m very invested in my work so I don’t show too much of myself, but I feel that my work has also spoken for me—I feel that I don’t always have to talk or show myself in the middle of my creations or things like that because the work I do does it for me every time. But aside from that, I’m no different from the average person. 

    What is Soul Endeavor? Could you explain the meaning behind the name?

    I had a brand before called “Revelations” which was co-owned with a partner of mine—this was around 2017, and I think I had just started thinking about the foundations of what would be Soul Endeavor. After a while, I ended up moving away from it due to creative differences and just trying to figure out what direction I wanted to take with my work personally. So I was sitting down and was thinking about myself and my soul, and the endeavors I would put myself through to get where I want to be. Next thing I knew I was right back to work. It was like that moment was a spark for me. I played around with the name a few times as well—it started with “Endeavored Soul” but eventually I shifted to Soul Endeavor. A little bit more stylish but still gets the meaning across you know? 

    At the time of its origin, it was more personal but as I began to build with the concept and play around with some ideas, I found that it fits with a broader audience. Everyone has a soul, and everyone has endeavors in their lives that they go through—whether good or bad. After that realization, I just started moving forward with the brand, and from there it was no looking back. It feels good to be comfortable with the explanation now. I was going to change the name before but people got onto exactly as I hoped they would. That really stuck with me. Almost like a representation of my dreams coming true—where I was once a bit shy to explain, I’m now proud to do it.

    What do you hope for when people see your work? Beyond the meaning of the name, is there something that you want your supporters to understand when they see your work?

    Honestly, all of my clothes are extensions of myself and my ideas—so i would say that I hope my supporters see me, Haris. I play deep into my roots with my work, I don’t keep everything together solely on just one aspect like my religion or what state I’m from, but rather a mix of all those different things put together. And I’ve learned that it’s not just about me you know? I might make a design that I like, but then I think about my supporters and I say “Would they like this too? Does this match the purpose I’m going for?” And so far I’ve been doing exactly that, so it feels good when I have new releases. When I see people wearing my clothes I’m not only excited to see them style their pieces, but I’m excited to see them understand the purpose. To feel accepted or seen by someone who understands what they go through, that’s my hope.

    How do you get originally involved with making clothes?

    I had always been into fashion & streetwear in some sense, as I said before I used to make my own 1-of-1 t-shirts and hoodies in my sophomore year of high school. I drew some of my early inspiration from the mainstream streetwear brands at the time—so I’m looking at brands like Supreme, Palace, Stussy, The Hundreds, etc. and I just taught myself how to stitch, how to paint, how to print. I didn’t really want to buy the stuff but I found more fun in making it. After a while, some of my friends caught wind of the things that I was doing and suddenly I found myself making clothes for just them. And as I got older I worked with brands and collabed with artists along the way so I’ve just always had my hands involved with something with clothes. I wouldn’t say it fell into my hands because I enjoyed it very much, but I never thought it would make me the person I am today.

    Since its start, what are some of your favorite accomplishments you’ve made with SE?

    I would say the brand as a whole still being a thing is the biggest accomplishment for me, so every release that I had and will continue to have is really a trophy in a glass case for me. The first-ever Soul Endeavor drop in November 2019 will always be a trophy for me just because of how that collection was put together and everything in it was sold out. Around that time I was still in school so it was just one of those moments where I knew this is something I could do for the rest of my life. Also last year I had a very spontaneous “Frank Ocean Rap Tee” go viral and sell out which helped fund this new collection. Very random but nothing I’m not happy about. 

    Along with those releases I’ve been able to do some commendable things as well—last year I was able to take a considerable portion of my earnings from the drop in May and donated the money to a charity in my area. That was something I’ve always wanted to do and to be able to do it so fast—and in the midst of the pandemic—really just another one of those things that showed me what I was doing was working, and that it was going to continue to work.

    What was your goal/purpose with this most recent collection?

    At the beginning of this collection, my grandfather passed away and that had a complete change on my entire life, and with that, the collection changed too. I became a bit more serious about the position I’m in with my own life and my family’s and I believe that some reflected in this collection as well—sorta like a shift in purpose.

    My goal is to become as accessible as possible, so with this new collection, I’m offering more pieces from all different aspects of fashion. I’m doing shirts, hoodies, pants, accessories, the whole nine—I want this to be something that everyone can get something out of whether it be one thing or everything. Like I said the whole point is accessibility. So now that I’m at the point where I know for a fact I can make these pieces, now I go into what I do with these pieces. How do I release them, when do I release them, things that are beyond just making the pieces? Soon I want to get into home goods and things like that. This collection is more like another big step in the process, sorta like changing the difficulty. So we’ll see how we progress from here.

    What obstacles did you face while creating this collection?

    A big obstacle I faced overall was issues with shipping and the mail service during the height of the pandemic. A lot of delays came up and packages got sent out way later than they were supposed to—not only that, but samples of new things I wanted to work on came late well. It kind of held me back a little bit with this collection as I had to spend a vast majority of my time trying to work on new stuff while also backtracking to manage old stuff in the right way. I got through it no problem but it definitely was something I didn’t see coming, and with it came a very long delay. Also as I stated before I spent a lot of time with my family during the beginning of this year just to reposition myself. It wasn’t really an “obstacle” but it was definitely a turning point for me that I also never saw coming.

    What would you say your favorite piece is?

    I would say the sunglasses, I haven’t done anything like this ever and so to have them the way they are is fantastic. I really love them. You’ve seen them already but they come in these special cases too. I won’t go into too much detail but they’re very tough. I also have some beanies and a pullover ski-mask with this collection too and those are some things I’ve been tryna do for a while now. The whole collection is already my favorite but like I said before the sunglasses are really my favorite. 

    Is there anything you wanted to release with this collection that you didn’t get to?

    Puffer coats. I was very close to having a quality puffer jacket in this collection but the manufacturer that I got them from stopped making them after I got the samples. This was back in January and the plan was to do 50 of them for the release. So I got the sample and I had four of them with the ideas planned and everything. Then got the call from the manufacturer about them not too long after. I’m still doing a bit more looking for something along the lines of what I had, but that’s obviously what’s in store next for the Fall/Winter collection.

    Do you have anything you’d like to reveal in the future of SE?

    Hopefully, I get the chance to collaborate with some of my friend’s brands this summer—brands like Zito Industries or Witwicky USA to be honest. I also have a side-brand situation I call “Soul Endeavor Studios”—essentially what is still the Soul Endeavor brand but in collaboration with another brand or designer, or even something beyond just making clothes you know? I want to expand to visual media at some point or get involved with more physical aspects of art. I want to continue my solo work but I also want to build with my peers and those who I feel truly represent the meaning and the aesthetic of the brand as a whole. So as much as you’ll see a lot more of Soul Endeavor, expect to see a lot more secret projects pop up within this year. 

    Do you have any final words you would like to share with your readers?

    Shout to the homies and my artist peers! Thank you Swidlife for allowing me to submit my work through such a hard-working platform! I am very grateful to even be on this call with you! Thank you to everyone that has supported and continued to support me. I hope you all enjoy this new collection very much. Continue to follow your dreams, never give up on what you believe in and always stay true to yourself. May your soul find peace through whatever endeavors you encounter.

    Interested in doing some shopping? You can visit the Soul Endeavor website and get a look at the newest collection. Be sure to follow Soul Endeavor on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on more releases and other Soul Endeavor media. Also, be sure to follow Haris on Twitter and Instagram for a more in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at Soul Endeavor and what it may hold for the future.


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