Troy IV Presents “TROY.exe”: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Artistic Expression

    In his latest musical endeavor, Maryland alt-R&B artist Troy IV unveils his artistic evolution through the captivating project TROY.exe. This collection of ten eclectic tracks delves into Troy’s pursuit, embrace, and ultimate separation from a romantic interest, igniting profound self-reflection on his internal conflicts and relationships. With his exceptional talent in songwriting, production, mixing, and mastering, Troy delivers his most authentic representation as a flawed yet maturing man and artist. This snapshot exhibits both polished moments and raw vulnerabilities, making it relatable to the unique experiences of a 20-something navigating the complexities of his generation.

    Troy IV passionately shares, “This project is me at my proudest and most joyful moments, as well as my most honest and reflective. These sounds, lyrics, and vocals were carefully curated to be authentically me, not a projection of who I want to be seen as. My music is the example I lead by as I hope people like me are empowered to pursue their most genuine selves and desires.”

    The lead single, “good days,” celebrates Troy IV’s acknowledgment and appreciation of a healthy, blossoming romantic relationship. The smooth and grand instrumental is a captivating backdrop for his sultry and passionate vocals, making it a perfect addition to any chill date night playlist. Soon after, the track “both ways” emerges as a profound realization that sacrifices must be made to accommodate his artistic and personal exploration, whether letting go of a relationship, belief, or habit.

    Troy IV fearlessly examines the spectrum of his relationships, encompassing romantic, platonic, and even those with his thoughts and habits. Through TROY.exe and every following creation, he endeavors to understand and improve himself while using his art as a medium for release, appreciation, and enjoyment.

    With TROY.exe, Troy IV unveils his most original and compelling work to date, a testament to his artistic and individual growth. This ten-track journey of self-reflection and creative expression invites listeners to embark on personal exploration while serving as an empowering example for others to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their passions. Prepare to be captivated by the diverse sounds, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful vocals embody the essence of Troy IV’s remarkable musical prowess.

    Listen to TROY.exe below.


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