Tullis Further Proves His Prowess With New ‘The Space Between’ EP

    Arizona’s Tullis is a young artist with a timeless sound. His work combines poetic introspection and stark social observation with infectious beats to create a natural and familiar sound. His latest project, ‘The Space Between,’ is a streamlined music experience describing and encapsulating the feeling of being temporary in a world obsessing over permanence. At a total runtime of 10 minutes and 19 seconds, the EP takes the listener through an array of emotions with sounds inspired by R&B and rock genres, but applying any singular genre name to this project would be a disservice to creativity and ambition. The work is also an honest reflection of the artist himself, luring you in with quirks and charisma to expose a much more harrowing existence underneath.

    From the ambient vocals opening in ‘Synecdoche‘ to the final crescendo accompanied by live instrumentation at the end of ‘Current/Seen,’ the whole project concisely and accurately synthesizes not only the artist’s experience but the human experience overall. What this project has achieved is something that many musical endeavors aim for, which is balance. The build-up in tension through the production and the lyrics invites multiple listens while rewarding the listener for simply enjoying the ride it takes you on. This record was designed with the listener in mind, and while ironically being about time, the project guarantees never to waste yours. Give the new EP a stream below.


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