Unusual Demont Makes Triumphant Return With New Single “Nighttime”

    Wisconsin-born, LA-based artist Unusual Demont has returned triumphantly with his first song of the year, the soul-infused R&B track titled “NIGHTTIME.” This colorful and soulful creation serves as a precursor to his forthcoming sophomore project, CHRYSALIS. Demont’s unique blend of classic and contemporary R&B, combined with an exciting new sound, is set to captivate.

    “NIGHTTIME” not only marks Unusual Demont’s return but also gives us a taste of what’s to come in his second project, CHRYSALIS. This upcoming collection of tracks has been carefully curated since the release of his debut album, HUES, in 2021. “NIGHTTIME” promises more of the blissfully ambient and soulful spirit that has become synonymous with Unusual Demont’s music.

    Speaking about the new single, Unusual Demont shared some insights: 

    “NIGHTTIME” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made. With my life becoming the most chaotic it’s ever been during the creation of the project it’s on, I found myself, at times, writing about the more calm experiences I’d had in life, to keep my music a safe space for me. So something as simple as riding a bike through the city to meet a crush while in adolescence felt warm. Which is the focus of the first half. The drum and bass section, however, serves almost to bring you “back to earth,” reflecting my life in the present, hectic but beautiful. The production does all of that so well. I’m thankful to have worked with Dee Lilly, who’s such a fun producer that uses so many cool sounds and chords that feel so lush. It feels like we executed that blend of RnB and DnB just right. This is my first song in a very long time, and I’m excited to say that it’s also a new sound that I’ve never done before. I hope that when you listen, it’s as fun – if not more – of an experience to hear as it was to create.”

    Unusual Demont is actively bringing an exciting new flair to the R&B game on this new track, with a nod to both the best in classic and contemporary rhythm and blues music. The strong sense of rhythm that Unusual Demont has constructed on “NIGHTTIME” gives it a contagious flow that hooks you in and takes you on a journey through the soulful melodies of R&B and into a high-energy dance-inspired pop tempo.


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