Unusual Demont’s ‘HUES.’ Is a Debut Full of Promise

    Sound and color merge in a synesthetic-like form on LA-based Unusual Demont‘s debut EP ‘HUES.’. Demont signed to Avant Garden Records, recorded and wrote the project’s entirety in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, detailing the conflicts he faced just trying to get by. He was inspired flipping through the pages of a magazine on a whim and found solace and a sense of belonging in the colors and creativity that filled the pages. Ahead of the EP, Demont released an epic video for his debut single “VANTA,” the final single from the EP directed by Nicole Blue.

    Unusual Demont had this to say on the making of ‘HUES.’:

    “I wrote and recorded all of ‘HUES.’ during an extremely low point in my life—wake up, go to a job I didn’t care about, go to bed, repeat. I just remember constantly looking for something that would make me feel a little better inside, just the slightest warmth. On a random day, I picked up a magazine—right then, the colors from the page grabbed my attention and filled me with contentment I hadn’t felt in a long time. From that day on, everywhere I looked, I began to see colors more vibrant than before, and suddenly that warmth I had been searching for started to return.”

    For a debut EP, ‘HUES.’ is polished and full of bangers from top to bottom. To think not too long ago, Demont had nothing to his name beside a 9-5 that he dreaded, to now having a debut project on his hands that could stand toe to toe with any of today’s best artists. Just beginning to find his stride, Unusual Demont clarifies to the world that his dreams are within reach.

    Stream HUES.’ below:


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