Vague Delivers Their ss19 Collection Entitled ‘Horizon’

    How did this collection come together?

    Richmond Kingsford: It all started when I visited California for the first time in 2018. This collection was named “Horizon” because mine was expanded from being in an environment that was completely new to me. I was able to soak in a lot of what the area comprised of from store signage, building colors, shapes, etc. The lenses on my world view broadened moderately and I figured it would be interesting if I were able to tell that story through clothing. The staple pieces of the entire collection that I feel communicate the concept strongly are the puffer jackets. They can be worn as a vest and also be used as a life vest. The multifunctionality of that garment represents a wider perspective on a piece of clothing which was why I designed it to give more than one way of value to whoever is wearing/using it.

    You can shop the new VAGUE collection here.


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