Van Buren Records Combine Their Efforts for Sophomore Release “DSM”

    If you’re wondering who’s the next group in hip-hop to disrupt everything, look no further than Van Buren Records. This Brockton, Massachusetts music collective made sure everyone knew their name once they dropped their 2021 project, “Bad For Press.” After receiving positive feedback from listeners for creating an almost flawless debut album, they have been working on surpassing that success for their sophomore release. The day has finally come. VB’s follow-up “DSM” (Dover Street Market) recently dropped, and the guys have found a way to avoid their sophomore slump.

    At 16-tracks in length with a runtime of 53-minutes, there is more than enough time for listeners to figure out what everyone individually brings to the table. This album is one big potluck because they are all feasting and playing their part. Usually, with hip-hop groups, one member stands out from the rest. That pseudo-leader usually is so noticeably better that he makes the rest of the team look like supporting characters. That’s not the case for VB. Each is skillfully talented, something you can’t say for every rap group.

    Photo credit: Marika

    The best thing about “DSM” is each member brings their own skills and distinctive sounds that complement the group. The cohesiveness on display results from years of collaborative effort and individual growth. Much of the album plays to each member’s strengths perfectly. Adding to VB’s lively dynamic, “DSM” includes the group’s first feature, from Conway The Machine on “The Source.” This menacing track will make you think twice about ever-challenging VB to lyrical warfare. The collective pull no punches on a tracklist that is just as polished as it is understated.

    When your group is compromised of lifelong friends, there is a high level of chemistry that other groups aspire to reach. In its entirety, “DSM” very much feels like a group of individuals with their own distinctive voices and thoughts that are phenomenal alone and even better together. Listening to this album, it feels like they have an unbreakable bond, and hopefully, they don’t stop putting out cohesive projects like this one.

    Stream Van Buren Records’ sophomore release “DSM” below.


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