Vancouver’s Isaac Zale Sounds Ready in New Single “Basil”

    Cooking and making music are more similar than people realize. Both are prestigious art forms, and if your energy is off-balance, it will be reflected in the final product. The only difference is that music doesn’t have as many shortcuts; you either have what it takes or not. Single after single, Isaac Zale demonstrates that he is more than capable of handling business solo. And surely doesn’t need any help on his newest single, “Basil.”

    The 24-year-old artist/producer has been slowly working on establishing himself and becoming a household name—and I think his new single could be the one that pushes him over the edge. What I like most about this track is the energy is high. His flow sounds so fluid once laced over the intoxicating Spanish-guitar instrumental. The rap and pop elements blend so well, giving it that desired mainstream sound that everyone loves.

    Isaac Zale makes music for people who like to party in the comfort of their own home, safe and sound. If you are someone like me who enjoys mellow and soothing music, you are in the right place. Make sure to give the new single a stream.


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