Virginia-Based Singer/Songwriter Vesta’s Stellar New EP ‘The L Word’ Is a Breath of Fresh Air

    Traditional R&B encompasses an array of harmonies mixed with vibrant styles of production that create an atmosphere we fiend for; Singers whose voices are so distinct we gravitate towards them. What we are witnessing now is the embodiment of these common qualities from artists but expanded into a more dynamic approach that pushes the needle into multiple genres. Virginia-based singer/songwriter Vesta is doing exactly that.

    I wanted to have songs depicting different emotions that started with “L” Vesta

    Her 5-song EP is an elegant, original composition doing more than just explaining the imperfections of “Love.” She narrates on a multitude of “L-Word” topics such as love, loyalty, lust, limerence, and loss that allow listeners to think deeper into her expressive lyrics. Vesta’s voice is alluring and pairs well with the high-spirited instrumentation and production on display.

    With a runtime of only 11-minutes, ‘The L Word’ is a remarkable introduction for new listeners to the VA native’s artistry. It’s a breath of fresh air to those looking for a dynamic alternative to traditional R&B music. Vesta doesn’t want to be limited to being described as an “R&B” artist, as this project specifically has a soft, “dream-like” feel to it that is more fitting in the alternative/pop realm. ‘The L Word’ does a stellar job highlighting Vesta’s stellar musical traits, including her pen(wo)manship, and is worthy of the continued listen.

    The EP is available now on streaming platforms, so be sure to give it a listen and follow Vesta on social media to keep up with the budding artist.


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