Vida’s ‘Day Dreams’ is an Unapologetic Artistic Expression

    Vida’s Day Dreams is a miraculous record that invites you into her explosively creative oasis, both melodically and visually. Throughout the record, you find yourself enraptured by both the encapsulating streamline of thought and the underlying driving beat. “Day Dreams is kinda about longing for someone or something, and The Little Mermaid is all about longing and dreaming,” she said bout the record.

    Paired with an equally impressive music video directed by Nic, we take a unique look into Vida’s artistic eye. “I had a vision of underwater scenes I thought would look beautiful,” she told SL via email. The multi-talented artist has a strong vision for who she is as a singer/songwriter. All these different ideas tie together to make one cohesive outcome that shouldn’t be skipped. Check out the new video below and head over here to stream her The Little Mermaid project.


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