Vinnthewave Explores Love Lost on ‘This Won’t Last’

    20-year-old Brooklyn native Vinnthewave has a unique ability to speak to the culture. With a sound that displays his charisma, relentlessness, and effortless fashion sensibility, he continues to paint pictures and tell stories through his music. The multihyphenate’s ability to showcase his talent audibly and visually adds another element to his craft.

    Motivated by his relentless pursuit of pushing the limits of the NYC sound, Vinnthewave is driven to explore uncharted musical territories and infuse innovative flows that define his unique and unmistakable style. Serving as an ideal introduction to his sound, his latest single “This Won’t Last,” showcases a fusion of hip-hop, pop, and soulful trap, filling a void in the ever-expanding music landscape. With a remarkable blend of genres, Vinnthewave’s artistry breathes fresh life into the industry, offering a captivating and essential contribution that resonates with those yet to discover his sound.

    When asked how the song came together, he shared: “This song means a lot to me. I made it when I was in a dark place in my life. I was going through a lot of falling outs and new chapters. I wondered why I was going through an ongoing cycle of a revolving door. I figured out the answer, and the truth is that nothing lasts forever. I wanted the listenrs to put themselves in my shoes, and if they already are, I hope I made healing easier for them.”

    Vinnthewave establishes himself as a prominent emerging artist with “This Won’t Last.” He effortlessly achieves a perfect blend of heartfelt vulnerability in his lyrics and irresistibly catchy songwriting, a rare feat that sets him apart from other artists. His exceptional songwriting skills and impressive vocals firmly establish him as a standout talent.

    Check out the video for “This Won’t Last” below:


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