Vintage Lee’s Newest Short Film “Draw 2” Ushers in The Next Wave of Boston Rap


Boston, Massachusetts’ own Vintage Lee returns. Her latest visual offering “Draw 2” plays out like a short film, one in which Vintage takes on the role of a high school teacher.

The video is broken into sections, much like class periods in high school. Each scene shows Vintage sneaking out to get a smoke break in. When she’s caught numerous times, she forced to cover other teacher’s classes to save herself from termination. After running around and getting lit with all the students throughout the video, the fun comes to an end after a dodgeball game. At this point, the superintendent is fed up and calls for Vintage’s termination.

Directed by Liam Reardon, the visuals are presented in a way that makes for an eye-catching experience. Vintage Lee’s on-camera presence allows the record to come to life, alluding to her style perfectly. Looking to close out the year on a strong note, the Boston bread emcee shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Check out the new video down below.