Von Prospa Shares New Project “Hear Me Out”


    As promised, Von Prospa unleashes his new 12-track project entitled “Hear Me Out.” Eleven of the tracks were produced by the NJ-native himself, and the album serves as the second release under Von’s independent label ‘High Roads Only.’Along with the new body of work, Von and camp also released an accompanying short film the day prior, titled “Hear Me Out (The Conversation).”

    “I believe it’s project that shows my versatility as an artist. I have the ability to tell a story and get a point across in my records, all while making it melodic and enjoyable to listen. It’s cohesive top to bottom, which I aim for in each of my projects. It paints a picture of my past, present and future. I see my life as some sort of TV series and each project being a season that’s a part of that series. I want my listeners to not only connect to me as an artist but to the stories and experiences I speak on and create in my records, like they do when building a relationship with their favorite series. I want my catalog to transcend just one style of music and to be filled with a variety of sounds, stories and content. I believe Hear Me Out is a big step in the right direction. I am Von Prospa, soon to be your favorite artist.”