VYBE Keeps the “Summer” Going with New EP

    When it comes to emerging artists, Washington, DC is undoubtedly a hotbed of talent, and one name that’s been making waves in the local music scene is VYBE. At just 24 years old, VYBE is a rising star steadily carving out his place in the industry with a unique blend of creativity and authenticity.

    Following the success of RAW VYBEZ, 2021 marked a turning point for VYBE. He set off on a creative journey, crafting a 6-track EP series titled Feel Tha VYBE, with the releases of Feel Tha VY6E and Feel Tha VYBE II. These projects illustrated his evolving sound, setting the stage for what would come next.

    Throughout 2022, VYBE continued to captivate by dropping singles and videos that built anticipation for his most recent full-length project, Chamber Of VYBEZ. This project stands as a culmination of his artistic evolution, offering listeners a cohesive and sincere body of work that reflects his true essence as an artist and his aspirations for the future.

    This year, VYBE has been pushing his boundaries even further with a new EP series titled Seasons. This series is a testament to his growth and versatility, both as an individual and as an artist. The first installment, Spring, produced by Sailer, was released on April 26th, and it marked a new chapter in his artistic journey. The most recent release, Summer, produced by none other than 202BLOCKBOY, arrived just last month.

    Summer is a compact 4-song EP with a runtime of 10 minutes, yet it manages to showcase VYBE’s remarkable growth. The opening track, “Only Going Up,” sets the tone for the EP, leading listeners on a journey that unfolds with each subsequent song. The lead single, “Actions,” featuring emerging DC artist YungChildsPlay, shines as a testament to the collaborative prowess between artists, effortlessly blending their talents over 202BLOCKBOY’s production.

    VYBE’s eclectic musical taste and appreciation for various genres have undoubtedly contributed to his distinctive sound. He views his musical journey as a lifelong dream realized, stating, “It’s always been my dream to make music. I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else.” In the track “Desires,” he delivers the impactful lines, “All this music feels therapeutic, I just love to do it, not like Nike I don’t Just Do It.” These words underline his commitment to creating music that resonates on a deep level and defies fleeting trends.


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