Wakai Elevates His Sound to Another Echelon With Mick Jenkins-Assisted ‘When There Was No Sun’

    Wakai and Mick Jenkins slice and dice listeners with their deep introspection

    One of the best things about the current state of rap music is how it refuses to stop evolving. Wakai reserves a seat at the table for his unique style. Out the gate on his new single ‘When There Was No Sun,’ the Baton Rouge rapper hits us with a mouthful of tongue twisters that roll off effortlessly. A robust feature from Mick Jenkins follows this up. Concise and straight to the point, Mick lets listeners know that he is not spooked by any competition and where he stands.

    My favorite line from the song comes from Wakai in the first verse. He starts it off with, “you only bodybuild instead of healing sections underneath.” This bar speaks volumes about society, speaking to how many of us fail to work towards fixing past trauma. With two impressive singles out now, it’s no question that Wakai has his sights set on something much bigger. If you appreciate clever lyricism and catching onto artists early, then keep Wakai on your radar because he’s destined for the spotlight.

    Check out the single below:


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