Wakai Is on a Pursuit of Serenity on New Single “Frustrated”

    Shoutout to all the creatives who don’t have to depend on outside factors like drama or clout to promote their music. It’s 2023, and any of the antics do not entertain me because none of it matters at the end of the day. But I am entertained when artists let their music speak for itself, like Baton Rouge’s Wakai. Release after release, I can safely say he stays focused on his craft. His consistency is unmatched, and he’s steadily improving, which can be heard in his new single.

    Wakai’s latest song, “Frustrated,” demonstrates his ability to convey raw emotions without the need for validation. This track serves as an outlet for Wakai to process and express his current feelings, evident in poignant lines such as “Loans in the mail, with grams on the scale” and “I had a band in my lap, and I ran through that.” It’s apparent that he remains unaffected by external judgments as this song stands as his personal testament.

    With production from Stoic, his contributions to the song are as important as the lyrics. If it weren’t for his smooth, calming instrumental, Wakai would not have been able to reach that level of comfort and share his insecurities. Altogether, this is a meaningful song with substance in every lyric.

    Watch the video for “Frustrated” below.


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