Wakai Takes a Moment To Reflect on His Growth & Developing Soundscape Through “Flashbacks”

    Wakai Follows His Highly Praised Album With This Smooth Spoken & Gratifying EP.

    Wakai is one of those artists who has a hard time missing his mark. Every song from his musical arsenal feels well-aimed and precise. The smooth frequencies from Ramraz that lace his latest EP “Flashbacks,” act as a colorful background. These are the layers on layers of paint over which his lyrics resonate as the foreground. As a whole, the short 15-minute EP feels like so much more as each 2-3 minute song encapsulates years of experience.

    “Flashbacks” art by @prodbyalexismartin

    The smallest moments can sometimes fly past people and mark another day on earth. However, with Wakai, things like emotional neglect or ambition create the subjects for individual tracks. “Can’t Keep” is one of these where Wakai emphasizes a multitude of emotions over Ramraz’s atmospheric and groovy production. They present themselves as the irking feeling of missing an opportunity. Whether on the long road of a career or an encounter with a lady you casually meet on the street, Wakai clearly won’t miss any chances. Asha Imuno also appears on “LukeWarm,” where the duo makes clear they don’t want lukewarm love; they need passion through it all.

    The title track “Flashbacks,” caps off the entire project. This capstone provides clarity on Wakai’s mindset going forward. Facing so much growth throughout his career serves as lessons he continues to learn from but won’t lean on. Rather than getting distracted from the day-to-day, he’s got his team with him. With their shared experience, they will continue to fan the fire that’s growing hotter with each release.

    Three things are evident over the course of the 15-minutes it takes to run through “Flashback.” The first thing made apparent is that Wakai is bound to be one of the best rappers in the game for a long time. Secondly, Wakai and Ramraz go together like Andre and Sleepy Brown. Finally, and most importantly, the next project from the Baton Rouge torch-bearer can’t come soon enough.

    Listen to the project below, and make sure to follow Wakai for more.


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