Wallo2K and Valley Swerve Bring a New Sound on ‘2kSwerve’

    Wallo2k and Valley Swerve come together for a new project that brings a unique sound to Latin America with many American underground rap influences. Wallo2k, the multimedia artist, continues to push artistic boundaries by using a unique skill set that intertwines music and film. He embodies every art form he’s inspired by and allows himself to execute to the best of his ability regardless of the genre or medium. At 7-tracks, 2kSwerve serves as a mixture of cloud rap with reggaeton influence made for both American listeners and Latin listeners.

    Throughout the project, Wallo2k and Valley Swerve showcase their unique ability as both artist and producer on top of their game with this infectious project that delivers the essence of early 2000s reggaeton with modern upgrades. Each track sees Wallo2k flow through several hip-hop genres, displaying trap beats on some while coming through with more melodic rhythms on others. The project’s soaring instrumentation leaves you feeling revived and untouchable, flushed with captivating electronics and effervescent vocals—tracks like ‘La Vida’ and ‘Mas Viral’ display the undeniable chemistry between the two.

    Wallo2k may be an up-and-coming recording artist, but his artistic endeavors have no limits. His visual content strikes an intoxicating persona in front of the camera, and he continues to make waves that help separate him from his counterparts. In its entirety, ‘2kSwerve’ feels like the beginning of a new era, not just for Wallo2k and Valley Swerve, but music as a whole. It’s the byproduct of a generation that doesn’t play by any pre-written rules, rather creating and redefining their own nebulous rulebook with each new release.

    Check out the new project down below.


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