Watch Nina Tech’s Video for Her New Single ‘Love Show’

    Nina Tech has been an artist that we have kept a close eye on due to her ability to craft infectious singles full of captivating sonics, proving she has all the makings of your next favorite artist. Nina’s music has continued to resonate with listeners due to her vulnerability and ability to craft raw yet timeless singles. Following her 2021 single ‘Superstar,’ the Chicago up-and-comer continues to deliver with each new release. Now that she has our attention, the rising star has shared a new track and video that may be her strongest work date.

    In addition to Nina Tech’s enchanting vocals, the production on ‘Love Show’ displays her maturity and growth as an artist and marks a new chapter for her. Although the song itself was strong, the Jared Avalos-directed video that accompanies the single is just as impressive. The visuals are slick and plays-off those cheesy love shows that we’ve all seen on TV before. With its exceptional color grading and minimally lit scenes, the overall setting of the video puts Nina Tech in the spotlight. From start to finish, her talent is on full display throughout this one, and ‘Love Show’ is another solid addition to Nina Tech’s ever-growing music catalog.

    Check out the new video below, and make sure to stream the single here.


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