WemmyMo & D2X Collide on ‘Moppas & Choppas’


Two of Chicago’s most energetic artists WemmyMo & D2X collide! Think of Batman & Superman joining forces! D2X hailing from Chicago’s Southside, and WemmyMo of Chicago’s Northside Uptown area! 

These two work together with superhero-like authority, and bars, accompanied by the menacing & hard-hitting production DJ Balor. The visual was Directed by Chris Vagagra & Zach Roy.

Wemmy & D2 work together, teaming up to fight with force against their own personal struggles, and life experiences musically. This also correlates to the hard times we all face today in this year 2020, involving the countless surprise tragic events, but we push through. Moppas & Choppas is an audio and visual representation of rage, rebellion, and overcoming one’s own obstacles. Watch the new video up above.