Weston Holds Nothing Back on “Love is to Blame”

    We’ve all fallen victim to heartbreak at least once in our lives. Letting that someone you thought was the one go can leave you feeling confused while holding hope that something can be rekindled in the future. Hailing out of Eugene, Oregon, Weston explores this idea of letting the past go as he drops his Serko Films-assisted visual for “Love is to Blame.”

    Throughout the visuals, Weston can be seen in an abandoned warehouse with just him and his guitar as he details how the relationship is hopeless if there have been no improvements. Why go back if that someone who promised they would change has yet to show progress? As a symbolic act of moving on, Weston shaves his head in front of a mirror, signifying the end of that chapter in his life and the start of something new. It’s common to dwell on the past, but letting go and moving forward is crucial.

    When speaking with Weston about how the song and visuals came together, he touched on how this track represents how he fell victim to trying to rekindle that old flame as he reminisces on what could have been. “One thing that makes us human is our ability to differentiate between the past and the present. We are special not only because we are aware of the past but because we can feel the emotions that linger in our memories.” he shared. “My project was inspired after unexpectedly running into an old flame and how I could not stop my mind from thinking about what could have been.”

    “Love is to Blame” is a song many listeners can relate to as we’ve all made regrettable decisions in pursuing love. The track encourages us to reflect and recognize that nothing is worth clinging to.


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