Wheards Shares Brand New Project ‘RTS & CULTR’

    Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO but now based in Houston, wheards shares his brand new project RTS & CULTR. At 12-songs in length, the 23-minute project is packed with features allowing the supporting cast to come through and help elevate the body of work. With a diverse sound throughout, tracks like “7 DAYZE,” and “MOONLIGHT” capture the undiluted energy of wheards as he brings the proverbial big guns to the battlefield.

    RTS & CULTR captures the magic of what happens when an artist sticks with what they love and shares it with the rest of the world. From lyrical gymnastics, hard-hitting production, to tackling real-time issues, wheards’ project is as real as it gets. Overall, RTS & CULTR is a strong release, providing a versatile sound that is both entertaining and innovative. The production is raw and powerful, and wheards’ rapping is dexterous and smooth. RTS & CULTR follows a string of superb releases from wheards, and he remains an underrated voice in underground hip-hop. Check out the new project down below.


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