With ‘Self Hate Wraith,’ Ghostie Solidifies His Sound


    Ghostie makes his debut on our page this week with his newly released project Self Hate Wraith. Throughout the offering, its as if Ghostie has found the right balance between his lofty conceptual ambitions and his seemingly endless well of punky bangers.

    Ghostie finds a great balance between his aggressive and his somewhat calmer flow over various production that alludes to his sound perfectly. The instrumental keeps a coherent pattern of heavy aggressive-electronic-psychedelic and dark beats that make my head spin all the way through. Musically, this whole project is very creative and amazingly well made, diverse, and witty.

    Everything here just flows so well, Ghostie’s pen game is on point, and the eclectic, heavy instrumentals are the perfect backdrop for them. This is an exciting time for hip-hop. From all angles, it looks like Ghostie is only just getting started, and hopefully these coming years only prove how varied and talented he can be. Stream the new project down below.