Witwicky Releases New Summer Pieces

    Texas creative Sammy ‘Witwicky’ Rodriguez released a mini summer collection which focused around his struggles of escaping the past and finding happiness within isolation.

    Presenting two tees, they both offer a different look. One tee simply capturing the powerful concept of nostalgia, featuring the infamous T-Mobile sidekick. Including the idea of a lonely lover displaying the chrome head graphic with a heart in their head.

    Rodriguez recently called quits on his brand to begin creating new work under his alias. Since then, his direction has drastically changed and there’s been no looking back since. “Now that i release all my clothes under my alias (witwicky), it’s been easier to produce my ideas that i couldn’t have if my name was directly connected with it. Witwicky allows me to express how I’m feeling and talk about the stuff I experience through clothes. The future is bright for witwicky.” Rodriguez said. You can shop these new pieces here.

    “I’ve always caught myself reflecting on the past, whether it was with certain people or a moment in time. Sometimes a little too much, and it can suck at times especially if you don’t got anything going on for yourself at the moment. That’s why I love this concept that nostalgia sucks & throwing in different elements of the past like the sidekick playing Soulja boy. Little stuff like that completes the finished product.”

    Photography by Thomas Garcia

    “A lot of people always think I’m some kind of robot that has stupid amounts of money and has a trouble free life since I create stuff on the internet and pursuing that as a career. But in reality I’m just like everybody else. So majority of the time when they find out I’m like them, I lose their interest and I get left behind. A lonely lover basically.”

    Photography by Thomas Garcia


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