Worry Club Recounts The Words Of A ‘Pretty Face’ On His New Single

    The newest single from Chase Walsh, a.k.a. Worry Club, “Pretty Face” is a reflective piece on which he approaches the topic of self-conscious melancholy. This is my favorite track from the Chicago collective, which besides Chase, includes Zach Zagula, whose creative direction adds to the art substantially.

    The track reverberates with the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness from drug use. Some stand-out lyrics are genuinely thought-provoking to Chase’s headspace regarding the song’s subject. Two that stood out to me:

    “I don’t wanna go to class now
    Said you only ever drink just to pass out Well I’m not here for my health, I’m headed back now”

    And, echoed on the hook;

    “I won’t make it on my own, says the pretty face”

    The hook stands explicitly out; as simple as the line comes across, it offers up the ambiguity of interpretation. It recognizes the strength in someone despite them drawing on their flaws, which is a beautiful way to look at the world when so many people lack assurance in themselves.

    Beyond the song’s meaning, sonically, the song is extremely well put together. the harmonies float over the arpeggiated synth and sweet guitar chords led by his vocals. Even the tiny details add a good deal to the track. The intro and outro resemble a boxing match giving the impression that this depressed emotion is truly a battle. At the same time, the light percussion notes sound like a muffled dial tone in the apartment next door, giving this lonely song an even more distanced feel.

    Overall, excited to hear what else Chase and Zach have planned. In the meantime, check out Worry Club’s discography here and stream the new release below.


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