Wynne and Christo Teach Stunting 101 With New Joint Project

    It’s Wynne, pronounced like “win.” Perhaps the victorious verb had its turn as her most-used, but “stunt” surely passed it in the rankings this season. The unpredictable Portland emcee joins forces with powerhouse Dreamville producer Christo to bring us the six-track “DO MY OWN STUNTS.” If you’re a stuntman or stuntwoman, I’m sorry to report that you may be out of work soon.

    “CARROT CAKE” arrived in October as the first single off the record, paired with a gnarly music video of fire. Literally, Wynne engulfed herself in flames for the one-take visual. That certainly takes guts. For Christo’s fireside stunt, he opts to chow down on an entire carrot cake (not for the weak). To be fair, Christo had his own turn wearing flame-retardant clothing devising these whomping sonic backbones. What a dangerous duo we have here.

    Dreamville fans can recognize Christo’s producer tag from a mile away and have come to anticipate it as a signal of imminent JID vocals. Wynne handles these six beats alone, though, in true stuntwoman fashion. As its title suggests, DO MY OWN STUNTS is an exercise of independence.

    Wynne vaulted herself into new hip-hop conversations while assisting EarthGang on their nationwide “Welcome to Mirrorland” Tour last year, alongside Mick Jenkins. She wowed crowds with her 2019 mixtape If I May… , flexing her magnetic personality and collaborative muscle. Then, of course, the pandemic hit.

    DO MY OWN STUNTS is just as much of a reflex as it is a calculated project. If you haven’t noticed, quarantined musicians experiment with their creative processes. An introverted penman might uncharacteristically start collaborative albums; a social butterfly might lock-in with a single producer. Following the sheer engagement generated by the Mirrorland tour, Wynne couldn’t help but dial-up Christo.

    Six songs later, DO MY OWN STUNTS was born. You’ll catch a few new punchlines with each listen. Heck, you might even realize your untapped stuntage potential.

    Can someone please get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creators on the phone? We have the soundtrack for the next reboot ready (provided that it is live-action, of course).


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