Xay Astro Shares Impressive New Video “Disturbia”

    Xay Astro, an artist from Enterprise, Alabama, really puts his life’s ups and downs into his art. Some might see his story as going from nothing to something, but if you take a closer look at what he creates, you’ll see there’s a mix of both chaos and beauty. With a string of impressive releases under his belt already, the promising, fast-rising artist shows no signs of slowing down as he returns with his brand-new video “Disturbia,” a visual gem from the full-length album “WHEN STARS DIE: XAY’S METAMORPHOSIS.”

    The video shows Xay’s perspective on living in a Disturbia, echoing lyrics like “Shadows lurking, creeping, hungry.” Each frame captures the essence of paranoia and the struggle to maintain sanity in a world gone mad. Xay believes that his music is incomplete without a visual counterpart. The “Disturbia” music video adds an extra layer to the song, immersing the audience in the reality of Xay’s universe. For him, it’s not just about creating music but crafting experiences that resonate.

    When asked about influences, Xay credits the mad genius behind the camera, Andrew Mark, as the executive director and cinematographer for the entire visual journey accompanying the album. Their collaboration has taken Xay’s aesthetic and presentation to new heights, promising even more captivating experiences in the works.


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