Yasmin’s New EP ‘Daylight/Savings’ is a Splendid Kaleidoscope of Good Vibrations

    Daylight/Savings is the latest and greatest from Yasmin, the spellbinding songstress from Paterson, NJ. With a voice that is sure to pierce your heart and memorable melodies over classic samples, this EP is sure to leave an impression.

    Yasmin’s Dominican lineage is exhibited with Amor Inmenso in which she describes her growing love for the subject of the song. The love song almost has a tone of reminiscent sorrow to it with the low percussion and its short length, but these features add to the sincerity of the track, as Yasmin sings;

    “Love feel better when you need something, the pain feels better because it means something”

    Besides the display of her bilingual prowess, Yasmin’s beat selection is also high-tier as the intro track Golden takes a sample from the great Jill Scott’s hit of the same name. Along with this is the sample from Slow in which the producer samples “That’s All Right With Me” by Esther Phillips, a timeless track used by countless top-tier artists including J Cole, Mobb Deep, J Dilla, & Toni Braxton. Except, the special thing about these two tracks isn’t their production. The astounding talent of Yasmin brings these samples to a new echelon outside of their natural habitat, allowing the samples to live a new life in a way that distinguishes her from other predecessors.

    As a whole, the EP is short and sweet just like the benevolent love which represents Amor Inmenso. Same as any ex of Yasmin, I’m eager to hear more from her. Her next project is sure to add to the list of reasons why her music should be in your heavy rotation.

    Listen to Daylight/Savings below:


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