YGTUT and Chris P House Link Up for “Quickie” Video

    Chattanooga, TN rapper YGTUT has proven time and time again that real music still exists. With his last album, “In My Head,” still in heavy rotation, he revisits that body of work as he delivers the official video for the Chris P House-assisted track, “Quickie.”

    Shot by 12BISHOP, the visuals embrace the song’s bright sonics with warm hues and lively shots, utilizing fast-paced editing to capture the song’s energetic feel. The video’s setting switches between various locations, such as a burger joint and a barbershop, and each new shot captures both artists’ on-camera presence making for a smooth watching experience. Overall, this vibrant video keeps everything in perspective and makes the record even more enticing.

    If somehow this is your first introduction to YGTUT despite his incredible run the past few years, then worry not, as “Quickie” is the perfect introduction to one of hip-hop’s most promising acts. Watch the new video below and stream “In My Head” here.


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