Yictitan’s New Project ‘Elegance’ Is a Refreshing Breath of Air to Trap Music

    A famous American writer and visual artist once said, “when you stop growing, you start dying.” I would never say anything outlandish like saying “hip-hop is dying” because that is beyond wild to say. But I can safely say there have been a couple of times when hip-hop hit that wall, and it has taken some brave souls to assume that significant leap of faith and re-define what hip-hop sounds like. Atlanta artist Yictitan proves that the popular genre is not done evolving, and neither is he. His new project, ‘Elegance,’ is 38-minutes of untapped potential.

    The project kicks off with ‘4ever,’ and while slow in tempo, he quickly tells you the harsh realities he grew to accept in his life. This intro sets the tone for the project. Each song feels so personal, but with his delivery of it, you can feel his pain and empathize. But by far, the best quality of this project is Yictitan’s flow. In a city like Atlanta that is so musically diverse, he provides a unique flow that nobody else is replicating. Standout tracks like ‘Sh!t Get Real‘ and ‘Life of a Savage‘ are just two examples where he masters that uniqueness and his ability to use his voice as an instrument. 

    If you’re late to the party, don’t worry, Yictitan is Atlanta’s best-kept secret. Check out the project below.


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