Baltimore’s Ymc Ant Documents His Tumultuous Journey in “Sincerely From Ant”

    Legacy is everything. How do you want to be remembered decades from now? Do you want to be someone that is an afterthought, or do you want to be remembered for impacting the culture? Ymc Ant has consistently been striving to leave a lasting legacy through his music. Recently, he dropped Sincerely From Ant, showing he is ready for whatever the future has in store.

    “For all the ones who love me and have been with me from the beginning, this is my special letter to you.” — Ymc Ant on “Sincerely From Ant”

    His newest project consists of 17 songs that define what kind of multidimensional artist he is and pulls back those complex layers. Kicking things off with the celebratory intro, “Beastmode,” he opens the project gracefully, as he gives thanks for how far he’s made it. The Baltimore rapper comes from a place where everyone doesn’t make it and wanted to use the intro as an opportunity to pay respect. Surely this isn’t the last song that will leave you feeling motivated. 

    You also have tracks like “Who Am I,” where Ant proceeds to double down on his purpose. Here, he discusses how he overcame his battle with self-doubt. It’s completely perplexing the way he operates his voice and how he uses unique melodies in his bars. Undoubtedly, this must have taken multiple instances of trial and error for Ymc Ant to perfect his vocal infections as he did on this track.

    There’s nothing really left to say about this project. Ymc Ant did what he was supposed to do and came to handle business. Surely, this won’t be the last time we will see and hear from him. He’s solidified himself a spot in my playlist for the time being. 

    Stream Sincerely From Ant below.


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