Yoh and CARRTOONS Music Video “Fox Hunt” Is a Visual Masterpiece

    Every once in a while, you stumble upon an exciting new music video from an up-and-coming artist that lets you know the next generation of artists will not disappoint. “Fox Hunt,” the second single from Yoh and CARRTOONS collaborative album Mirrorsis nothing short of spectacular and further proves the above statement. 

    “Fox Hunt is the preparation and acceptance of the constant flux of daily and lifelong pursuits. It is nurturing in nature and the understanding that the blessings of wisdom, family, friends, and the universe will keep your blade sharp and focused on elusive things.”


    The song is accompanied by a Matt Seeger and Dexter Brierly-directed video, which perfectly represents the song’s message with striking imagery and a captivating storyline. The video’s use of vibrant colors and dynamic camera work adds an extra layer of depth to the already powerful lyrics. The combination of Yoh’s vocals and CARRTOONS’ masterful production creates a truly immersive listening experience.

    Yoh’s music is yet another example of an artist creatively pushing the boundaries within his music. Refusing to stay in a box, he continues to prove himself as an artist to watch and one that can convey complex ideas.

    Check out the new video for Fox Hunt below.


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