Yoshi Vintage Captures the Essence of Love With “Ride or Die”

    With her highly anticipated new album coming soon, LA-based Yoshi Vintage shares the album’s second single, “Ride or Die.” The track features Xian Bell, another rising star from LA; the two artists bring powerful chemistry to the collaboration. Produced by the talented Python P, Yoshi Vintage proves once again that she has a gift for crafting emotionally resonant songs that speak to the heart.

    In “Ride or Die,” Yoshi explores the complexities of love and relationships, touching on the idea that love is both incredibly strong and fragile simultaneously. She uses her lyrics to delve into the many different facets of love, from the joy and ecstasy of being in love to the heartbreak and pain that can come with it. “I wanted to express vulnerability in different ways and give the listener something authentic, ultimately showing them that vulnerability is a strength and should be embraced,” she shared about the single.

    Following this release, Yoshi Vintage will also share the album’s third single, “Alpha,” as she continues to gear up for the album’s drop early this summer.

    Listen to “Ride or Die” below.


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