Young Crazy Interview: The Tenacious Star Discusses Being The “Gucci Mane of VA” and More

    Young Crazy is an icon when speaking about the state of music in Virginia. Those who get it, get it. Typically, his name is amongst the first to be mentioned. Due to a consistent trajectory on display for about a decade, his presence and overall impact are unfathomable. From the early mixtape days of Off Da Gin Again to his 2021 project Interstate 110, Crazo has become a force to be reckoned with. Amid an incomparable run, he’s been proclaimed “Gucci Mane of VA.”

    Young Crazy is known as the “Gucci Mane of VA” because of his distinct similarities with Guwop in effortlessly releasing music and his ability as an authentic street lyricist to share his spotlight with other acts from the area, just like the East Atlanta legend has done. On September 20th, Crazo released a captivating 7-song EP titled after his acclaimed nickname. A statement of sorts, the project is a phenomenal welcome back for the stellar talent who flew under the radar for most of 2022. It is a collection of his most recent singles and freestyles, filled with elusive bars, a brand new record in “Bombaclot,” and a ferocious self-titled record sampling My Kitchen that’s produced by MoYe and The Beatman. There is never a dull moment from Virginia’s elite. The early 2000s also accompany the EP cover art from Gallery Provence, which completes the project’s overall theme.

    Fresh off the release, I had a chance to converse with Young Crazy and discuss the new project, his continued legacy, Virginia, and what’s next, amongst much more! Check out the full interview below.

    “I called it ‘Gucci Mane of VA’ because of what he stood for, and how people looked at him in his area. He had a big effect on his community.”

    I’ve got to ask. Who TF is Young Crazy?

    Young Crazy. Crazo Damn. Norfolk City goat, I need a billboard! Straight out of Virginia, I am who I am.

    Congrats on the new project. How do you feel about it now that it’s out?

    I feel good. A lot of those songs are about a year old. I’ve been holding on to so much, and I told my manager, Ahmad, we’re not holding on to anything anymore. Give it to them and give them a moment. Whether they take it in or not, we’ll do it again.

    You were on a hiatus for a bit. Was there a reason for that?

    During COVID, I dropped 2 projects, “Quarantine Crazo” and “Gin in the Pot.” I let people eat those up because they were some older songs, so they gravitated towards that. It didn’t feel like I ducked off, but my real core base knows I used to drop way more than I have recently.

    I was listening to “Off Da Gin Again.” What is that like to see your own progress over all these years?

    I’ve put in so much work. I received a lot of love early, but it kept getting bigger—I didn’t even realize what was happening. In 2013, you were happy to get 100,000 streams on DatPiff, but now I’m doing millions. I want billions, so I’ve never got complacent.

    Back on the tape. The self-titled track is great.

    I grew up on Gucci [Mane] and 1017, so the song we made is special.

    What’s your favorite Gucci mixtape?

    The Movie (Gangsta Grillz). It practically raised me. I was young when I first heard it.

    “Gucci Mane of VA” cover art by Gallery Provence

    How pivotal was Bankroll Fresh’s impact on your career?

    I met him in Virginia at Timbaland’s studio, not on some rap stuff. We ended up getting close, and he supported me early on. During those days, he used to tell me to come to Atlanta, but I wasn’t in a position to get down there. Long Live bro though.

    Do you have a defining moment when you knew you wanted to take rap seriously?

    There are probably two. I had a song in 2013 called “Get Dumb.” I performed the song one weekend in the club and at a teen party, and everyone knew the words. The whole “Who TF is Young Crazy?” moment in 2016-2017 at Norfolk State Homecoming. Everybody at the school was like, “Who TF is Young Crazy?” but the ones who knew, knew. The show was crazy, and we had the whole crowd turnt. Those moments kept me going when I knew I had it.

    You have Crazy Camp Worldwide. What are the plans for that?

    I eventually want to turn it into having artists. It’s kind of my label, but it’s only me technically because I know I’m still focused on myself as an artist. You can’t just put people under you and not give them the proper development. Things like that take time.

    How did “Bombaclot” come about?

    I walked into the studio one day, heard the beat, and started rapping, bro. I swear.

    So what’s next for you?

    I’m about to drop some more. Give good quality music and good quality moments, so it’s on the way. I want to shoot bigger visuals and bigger collaborations. I’ve given a lot of Virginia moments, but now it’s time for the “me to the world” moments.

    Since you’re ready for the world, where do you want to perform next?

    I love Texas. It’s always been one of my favorite places. They’re turnt out there.

    What do you see for Young Crazy in the near future?

    A lot of real success. I was young when I started, so things are more strategic now. Things are going to happen, and it’s not by luck. I just want to advance in life more than music. Overall expanding.

    Who are some young artists you’re tapping into and paying attention to?

    I’ll name a few. YSN Capo, A1 J’son, Keyjack, Fatty, Tay, and Kiree 3600. They got more love for music at their age than I had.

    What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone on the outside looking in?

    Don’t lose yourself in the dream. It’s going to take something to make something. Get your priorities together and make money to invest in yourself because this is a business at the end of the day.

    Crazo, thank you for your time, did you have any last words?

    Big Crazo, I’m about to tweak things all the way back up. You can follow me on everything. I see people like Spotify more than I promote it, so run that up!


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