YTK Hits an Artistic Stride On ‘From, Grace, for Grace’


    From, Grace, for Grace is a quality EP from Baltimore’s YTK. A solid collection of bangers that has higher highs than his previous effort. It’s brief runtime (16 min) and a bearable number of tracks (7) make for this to be a somewhat short experience that doesn’t quite overstay its welcome.

    This EP seems to be a small little plate of tasty molecules of YTK refining his flow and writing to tide people over until his next big project. He’s putting in the effort that makes for damn engaging music, and paired with bouncy playful production, YTK is starting to make his name known in the underground rap scene.

    The singing and rap blend on this EP is really pleasing to the ear and works very well with the overall vibe this project was going for. The instrumentation is amazing throughout and make for some of the best songs on the album such as; “Laylow” and ‘Prada”. I truly hope that YTK becomes a success in his own right. Stream the new EP down below.