ZAYALLCAPS Drops Electrifying New Album “Balling Out of Spite”

    A compact triumph of delicate jams and nasal-like rhymes.

    Northern California’s vibrant music scene has birthed a rising star, the multi-talented rapper and producer ZAYALLCAPS. With the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Balling Out of Spite, ZAY proves he’s not just another artist to watch out for but someone who’s ready to redefine the boundaries of pop-rap with his unique style.

    Clocking in at 18 minutes, Balling Out of Spite is a succinct 9-track masterpiece packed with off-the-wall textures, impressive rapping, and at times, ZAY’s infectious singing. Throughout the offering, ZAY’s’ nasal-like tone adds an intriguing twist to the pop-rap genre, perfectly complemented by his clever punch lines that keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

    The album starts with “$pree,” setting the tone for what’s to come. ZAY showcases his willingness to explore beyond any predefined artistic box, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of his sound. He stays true to his creative vision throughout the album, delivering a refreshing take on modern rap. Balling Out of Spite features outstanding collaborations that add depth and variety to the album. On “Lancer,” ZAY teams up with My Favorite Color, crafting a track that seamlessly blends their distinctive styles. The chemistry between the artists is undeniable, and the result is an absolute banger.

    However, ZAY isn’t afraid to slow things down and show a more intimate side. Tracks like “All Luv” and “Mine!!” reveal a vulnerable and introspective ZAY, captivating listeners with heartfelt lyricism and smooth melodies. Just when you think you have the album figured out, he picks up the energy once more with the help of Johan Lenox on the closer “Pro Clubz.”

    ZAY’s ability to carve his own path in the industry is what sets him apart from the crowd. He approaches his craft with a playful attitude, unapologetically having fun while staying true to himself. Balling Out of Spite is not only a musical triumph but also a warm welcome for those unfamiliar with ZAY’s’ artistry and the exciting direction he’s heading.

    Listen to Balling Out of Spite below.


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