Best New Songs This Week: Kevin Holliday, Sonny Miles, Kenarri & E the Profit

    Every week, we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite fast-rising acts. Whether it’s Kevin Holliday, Sonny Miles, Kenarri, or E the Profit, we all want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Kevin Holliday — ALL I DO

    Kevin Holliday’s latest album, ‘Ladybug,’ is brimming with infectious melodies, evocative lyrics, and infectious instrumentals throughout its entirety. The album’s lead single, “BROWN EYES,” set the tone for the entire rollout, showcasing Kevin Holliday’s musical prowess and setting high expectations for the rest of the tracks. “ALL I DO” is a standout banger and a must-listen.

    Sonny Miles — Drop

    In Sonny Miles’ latest full-length release, ‘Gamma,’ the multi-instrumentalist seamlessly blends catchy, relatable lyrics with smooth and flowing grooves. The 14-track offering showcases Miles’ versatility while taking listeners on a journey through a diverse range of styles and emotions. Peep “Drop” below.

    Kenarri – Sins

    Whether you had a great Valentine’s Day with your significant other or celebrated solo, Atlanta’s Kenarri got you covered with her heart-wrenching new song, “Sins.” Between the relatable lyrics and her glossy R&B-infused vocals, this track is bound to have you in a chokehold.

    E The Profit – Dangerous

    They tried to tell me that the “romantic rap” sub-genre is dead, but how can that be true when you have tracks like “Dangerous.” Swidlife veteran E the Profit and frequent collaborator Rocco paints an eloquent picture of the lovely yet dangerous ladies in their lives.


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