Best New Songs This Week: Matt Cleare, Latrell James, mynameisntjmack & Blvck Svm, Dende & J Warner

    Every week, we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite fast-rising acts. Whether it’s Matt Cleare, mynameisntjmack & Blvck Svm, or Dende & J Warner, we all want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Matt Cleare & MidnightExlipse — Sensitive Thugs!

    Matt Cleare and MidnightExlipse have teamed up for a grungy but smooth new record called “Sensitive Thugs!” The song features the vocalists wrestling with existential indecision as they survey a world in shambles. Featuring otherworldly synths, grunge guitar, and shaking drums, the song feels both nostalgic and modern—an anthem for an anxious generation. The song features additional production and instrumentation from Shai Nowell of the increasingly popular indie band 2oo7, as well as production from Ocean Clarke.

    Latrell James — Tap Water

    Latrell James’ latest full-length offering, “Running In Place,” follows a string of singles that date back to last year. The 13-track project sees James building off the sonic groundwork he laid in his previous releases while showcasing his lyrical prowess and delving deeper into introspective lyricism. Peep “Tap Water” below.

    mynameisntjmack & Blvck Svm — newhihat

    Virginia rapper mynameisntjmack is officially back in project mode with his new song, “newhihat,” featuring Blvck Svm. I live for these types of rap collaborations because both artists completely understood the assignment and held their weight. Most of that can be credited to their otherworldly talent in technical rapping and conscious songwriting.

    Dende — Slide Ft. J Warner

    Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of his critically acclaimed album, “95 Civic,” R&B singer/songwriter Dende has honored this special moment with a pack of three new singles titled “Wish You Were Here.” It’s no surprise that he flawlessly stuck the landing on each track, but he really captured that somber, empty feeling of missing your partner from being away from home on the lead single, “Slide” featuring J Warner. This is truly the perfect track to listen to when you’re feeling lost and searching for love.


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